The Family Farm series from Agrifarm collects four of the most important agricultural products: beans, rice, chick peas and lentils. They are all produced in small, family owned farms in Greece. Through the design of the packaging we tried to highlight the natural ways used in their production, combined with a fresh take on the values of tradition.

The design concept is based on the traditional way these products used to be stored and delivered in big sacks, when they were sold by the kilogram. We used custom made bags of cloth to present this connection and strong typographic elements to communicate the story of their production and origin. A handmade typeface was used to represent the human element, combined with strong colors to help distinguish the product on the shelve. The bags were made by a local tailor and then silk screen printed. Since the packaging is not transparent, illustrations of the products were used on the back of the packaging.

The aim of our design is to create a sense of nostalgia, providing the products with a sentimental and collectable value and, in the end, giving the consumer more than one reasons to put them in their everyday diet.

Designed by: Susami Creative Agency, Greece.


Family Farm

Family Farm2

Family Farm3

Family Farm4

Family Farm5

Family Farm6

Family Farm7




Family Farm

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