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Lokal is an Indonesian brand offering authentic Indonesian food, based in Jakarta, West Java. They work in many ranges of food, including snacks, pastries and homemade spices. During this pandemic, students’ psychological well-being has been affected and this could trigger the emergence of negative thoughts. In the worst case, it can result in anxiety and depression. Hence, Lokal wants to help boost students’ moods and encourage them to have positive thoughts by launching a new packaging design called “Eunoia”, which in Bahasa Indonesia means “good thoughts, beautiful thoughts.”

The brand specifically uses Chocolate Bakpia, since chocolate is proven to help improve mood. Moreover, it is a traditional Indonesian pastry that also serves as a light snack that can be eaten anywhere.

Hidden messages are placed in the packaging that people can only see using a red lens provided in the packaging. It is to symbolize perspective, how one must use the right perspective in order to see the goodness in everything. As for the packaging structure, it is inspired by “Tugu Jogja”, one of the landmarks in Jogjakarta, where  Bakpia originated from. In addition, Jogjakarta’s authentic wall engraved pattern is used for the main graphic element.

The target audience for this packaging are students. Thus, red, blue, and cream colors are used to give a hint of contemporary style. The red color is used to signify the positive sides of things. Meanwhile, blue is used to signify the negative sides.



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