The second release of Tentenublo Wines is a limited edition of 1,104 bottles of a unique wine from a very specific plot, Finca Abundillano. Escondite Del Ardacho’s package design and name was inspired by a type of lizard (Ardacho) whose habitat extends into the bushes that grow around the vineyards.

“We conceived a risky and differential packaging: at first, the bottle is wrapped in a green tissue paper to hide the label, it “hides” the ardacho. On the neck of the bottle, tied with a rope, hangs a booklet with illustrations and texts on wine and lizard himself. To top off the presentation, the mouth of the bottle is sealed by hand with wax . After removing the paper, the interior contains another surprise, an elegant enveloping label, illustrated with a striking collage that integrates different motifs inspired by nineteenth century engravings and represents the ardacho as a character.”

Designed by Calcco, Spain.
Escondite Del Ardacho
Escondite Del Ardacho2
Escondite Del Ardacho3
Escondite Del Ardacho4

Escondite Del Ardacho

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