The brief
To create the brand for the launch of a new line of product called, ‘Enthoo’. This consisted of the logo and concept packaging for various material (display, floor stand, etc..) and the website. The packaging concept was to be declined to their 3 fruit juices (Seabuckthorn, Pomegranate and Rose hip).
The solution
I knew the brand needed to communicate their four core values: Enthusiasm, Movement, Naturalness & Unconventionality. Therefore I created a brave and simplistic, memorable logo that could convey their message across different countries and cultures.
The packaging also communicated the same values as their logo.
With the use of professional photography and a clear white label,  I was able to convey the theme of naturalness and sustainability the beverage vows to offer.
Designed by: Erastus Ayodele, London, United Kingdom.

Enthoo | Fresh Juice

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