Five flavors of soy milk are grinding from five kinds of beans (soybeans, mung beans, white beans, red beans, black beans). The five kinds of beans correspond to the Wu Xing (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) and corresponding internal organs (hear, liver,spleen,lung and kidney), moreover the nutrients providing from the beans has also formed a human nutrition element and support human health, so this series of drinks named “ELEMENT” (Wu Xing). The packaging experimentally use the shape and color corresponding to the Wu Xing in combination with five kinds of beans in a modern way of expression.
Designed by: JC Chang, China.
Soy Milk
Soy Milk2
Soy Milk3
Soy Milk4
Soy Milk5
Soy Milk6
Soy Milk8
Soy Milk9
Soy Milk10
Soy Milk11
Soy Milk12
Soy Milk13
Soy Milk14
Soy Milk15


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Featured on Package Inspiration
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