Although deeply rooted in the counter-culture, tattoos continue to grow in popularity. After noticing a lack of credible long-term tattoo care brands on the market, Robot Food rolled up their sleeves to design and launch one.
We designed the identity and packaging. Tom Gilmour, a London artist with hugely relevant credentials, was brought on-board to bring the brand’s supporting illustrations to life. He created a contemporary interpretation of traditional tattoo art for the range, resulting in a design style that blends technical excellence with credibility, standout and desirability. The overall aesthetic is hugely relevant with a strong nod to tattooing’s sub-culture roots.
Designed by: Robot Food, United Kingdom.
Tattoo Care
Tattoo Care3
Tattoo Care4
Tattoo Care5
Tattoo Care6
Tattoo Care7
Tattoo Care8
Tattoo Care9
Tattoo Care10

Electric Ink Tattoo Care

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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