Agency: Tricycle Studio


El Oso y el Madroño is the first bottle of The Spirit of the City, a series of unique 3D designs of spirit liquors that hold in their textures, labels and details the key essence of each city, the spirit that makes it unique, codified through local nods.

In this project by Pablo Gil at Tricycle Studio, the geographic location plays a central role. The bottle of orujo, a popular Spanish liqueur selected for this first design, pays homage with its name to the well-known monument located in the Plaza del Sol in the city of Madrid.

The series will consist of 10 unique designs of bottles for liquors of designated origin or locally characteristic of cities such as Barcelona, London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Dublin, and other iconic cities from around the world.


El Oso y el Madroño | The Spirit of the City

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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