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EK company has been in business for over 20 years and represents one of the most well-known manufacturers of dry construction mixtures in the country. Its products have a strong leading position in several regions and have a wide market turnover.

The current design system that has been maintained lately, was developed many years ago. At this time both the competitive environment and the product range of the company itself have changed and expanded considerably. The existing design basically couldn’t cope with the constant raise in the number of SKUs and didn’t meet the new positioning of EK Chemical, eventually it simply became obsolete.

We developed a completely new, adaptive layout design scheme. We prepared a color palette for its use on more than 77 SKU with the possibility of further development of the assortment matrix. The packaging has become more informative, clear and functional – it became easier to calculate the necessary amount of the product, helpfully for the end customer there is a clear order of work and qr-codes for quick transition to the product page on the website.

The modular system allows to maintain a single recognizable brand image on all types of packaging. Layout is easily and adaptively transferred from bucket to bag or canister with minimal changes.

The corporate media and uniforms of builders and sales personnel have also undergone changes.


EK Chemical Rebranding

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