Agency: Benjamin Chia
Additional: Deanie Cham


Earth Bar is a wholesomeness food bar that promotes healthy food prepped from scratch by using high-quality ingredients and made accessible for all. Earth Bar’s food bowls are colourful and full of flavour. Furthermore, the healthy food bowl is packed with a wide variety of healthy ingredients that are gluten-free and non-GMO in a single container.

The target audience for Earth Bar is mainly working adults and health freaks who are obsessed with maintaining a balanced diet throughout the day.

The design objective for Earth Bar is to promote a convenient packaging that allows customers to have options and reduce the ecological footprint of the world. This is because most of the packaging for healthy food bowls nowadays does not look appealing and is less informative about the food’s calories and origin. Therefore, the packaging comes with biodegradable containers and sleeves, while the twine ropes are used as a handle and customisable cup holder. Furthermore, the mechanism of the twine rope allows for holding different sizes of cups including coffee cups, soup cups, and unlimited varieties of cups. Hence, this creates options for the consumer to enjoy the benefits of having different options of side dishes they prefer.

Let “Earth Bar’s Eco-Convenient Packaging” make the world a better place.


Eco-Convenient Concept Packaging

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