Designed by: Stewart Manson, Canada.

Eastside West is a casual weekend spirit that targets groups in their early twenties to mid thirties. This group likes to have gatherings at the park or a nice weekend BBQ. They commute via their vintage road-bike and/or retro vehicle. They’re hands-on, crafty, artsy, social media-junkie type people!
Ages 25-35
Hipsters, People you live around East Van, Main St, and/or Gastown
For this project I created a spirit brand to design a series of labels for. The aesthetics include the brand name, logo, flavour, map of downtown east-side, and simple colour-tones relating to the flavour of gin. I was trying to capture a vintage, modern feel, one that can capture a wide range of age groups.
A nice clean label that replicates a modern vintage style of gin, properly portraying Eastside Wests’ values and where they want to stand in the market.
Eastside West5
Eastside West4
Eastside West3
Eastside West2
Eastside West

Eastside West

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