This is a custom packaging project for a micro-controlled “smart” bulb called the drift light. It’s functionality is designed to mimic the color temperature and action of the average sunset. This helps create a natural sleep routine for adults and children. The LED bulb requires no app, and has three functions: Daylight, which is standard light bulb functionality, Moonlight, which dims slowly to a dim night-light, and Midnight, which is the mode that gradually fades to off.
The idea behind the packaging was to present the bulb in an accessible and unique way, while perpetuating a theme of calm and relaxed slumber. For more information on the drift light please visit:
Designed by: Andrew T. Matthews, USA.
Drfit Light
Drfit Light2
Drfit Light3
Drfit Light4
Drfit Light5
Drfit Light6
Drfit Light7
Drfit Light8
Drfit Light9

Drfit Light

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