I conceptualised and crafted the branding and packaging of Dragon Fiery Ginger for FLANCE. The product grew from being a home brewed ginger beer sold mainly at craft markets to a product available nationwide through retailers and being exported within 6 months. We also branded The Dragon Brewing Co and created a mobile responsive website.
“A first in the commercial market in South Africa; an alcoholic ginger beer. The client needed our help to bring the old label in line with legal requirements and after consulting and proposing a more professional and commercial identity, we were tasked to redesign the product. FLANCE used its experience in the alcoholic FMCG market and brought the product alive to live comfortably next to and compete with the main commercial brands. A new identity and packaging was delivered as a first phase with a full brand rollout currently underway.”
Designed by: Clarissa Harteveld, South Africa.
Dragon Fiery Ginger
Dragon Fiery Ginger2
Dragon Fiery Ginger3
Dragon Fiery Ginger4
Dragon Fiery Ginger5
Dragon Fiery Ginger6

Dragon Fiery Ginger

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