D’origo Astur packaging design. A Gourmet Food business that sells hight quality products from Asturias. Different types of cheese, anchovies, sardines and other products bring directly from the North of Spain.
Designed by: Oloramara Design, Spain.
D'Origo Astur
D'Origo Astur2
D'Origo Astur3
D'Origo Astur4
D'Origo Astur5
D'Origo Astur6
D'Origo Astur7
D'Origo Astur8
D'Origo Astur9
D'Origo Astur10
D'Origo Astur11
D'Origo Astur12
D'Origo Astur13
D'Origo Astur14

D'Origo Astur

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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