Designed by: Gen Design Studio, Portugal.


Dom Villas is rooted in the story of the family business—the hard work and dedication that mark the origins of family tradition. This story became an inspiration for the logo and the brand. Therefore we created the character of a Dairy Farmer. The man who works by hand, using the traditional methods, who takes care of his cattle and assures the quality of the final product.

We combined the mark with a custom-made wordmark that would reflect the purity and originality of hand-made. The predominant use of blue is unusual for cheese in the Portuguese market, which would guarantee Dom Villas to stand out in what tends to be a gold-tinted and over-decorated category.

The idea for the packaging was to keep it simple, traditional and honest. Each cheese would be tied with a cloth band or wrapped with tissue paper (depending on the type of cheese) and concluded with a label printed on an uncoated stock.








Dom Villas Cheese

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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