Dog food packaging for the Indian market.
The main Aim of this project was to re-design the Dog food package with a new concept which should make the package look totally unique when kept in the shelf of the super markets. The very first point was to do some research on the material for the packets, keeping in mind that the outcome had to look natural and obviously cost effective. The material used here for the box is Brown paperboard which looks decent with little imperfections. The box is made keeping in mind the Indian market and the consumers. There are customers who actually buy the products looking at their outer appearance after they are satisfied with the quality. The material is cheap as compared to the printing costs on various other substrates.
The combination of brown paper box and White labels takes this packet to a new level making it look different from the existing packages available in the market.
The logo features simple dachshund like dog black in color with two ribbons. The labels have earthy tones so bright colors were not in the palette.
The second step was to make the labels keeping in mind the aesthetics.
The shapes which hold the titles are arranged in descending order. The dark color shows the most important point of the packet which is the flavor and then the description.
Basic information about the content are on the sides.
Designed by: Ashish kalra, India.
Dog food
Dog food2
Dog food3
Dog food4
Dog food5

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