Fast growing food company B Healthy asked us to create a new chocolate confectionery brand for diabetics.
We spent some time thinking of new names for this Diabetic product while at the same time thinking about ‘the big idea’; the concept that would tie it all together.

After picking a few names, we then went into creating a logo for each. Originally ‘Diablito’ which means ‘Little Devil’ in Spanish we struck upon the idea that you can have your treat and eat it!
After feedback and more name workshops, we shortened the name to ‘Diablo’. We then went back to an earlier idea from the Diablito concept – and the smiley D icon was born.

We established a tone of voice that was emblazoned on all packaging. We wanted to keep it fun & friendly but always with a reassuring nature that treating yourself need not be a sin!
Having launched across the UK, :Diablo is now stocked by leading supermarkets, and online retailers across the world. Sweet!


Manifest took our brief and developed a standout retail brand. We’re delighted with the reaction to :Diablo in both trade circles and retail markets.”

Ilanit Kaufman, Marketing Director at B Healthy


Designed by: Manifest Comms, United Kingdom.









:Diablo Confectionery

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