Define Exclusive is a new haircare series free of silicone, parabens and colorants. The range includes four designs for shampoo and conditioner.
Keywords: Beauty, natural, professional, clean, nordic.

Define is a professional haircare brand from Norway. All products are developed in close collaboration with a team of professional hairdressers who ensures top quality on all of their products.
The design was developed with the concept of pureness and scandinavian cleanness in mind. The volume series is infused with a fresh scent of mango, and the everyday-series with 100% pure jojoba-oil. This is reflected in the colors of the products. The metallic silver foil, clean design and soft color palette express the balance between scientific knowledge and premium brand positioning. The photo style is set with natural light, and a composition of rocks and minerals to strengthen the natural and clean look, in addition to adding some contrast.
Designed by: Martine Strøm, Norway.
Define Exclusive1
Define Exclusive2
Define Exclusive3
Define Exclusive5
Define Exclusive6
Define Exclusive7
Define Exclusive8
Define Exclusive9
Define Exclusive10
Define Exclusive11
Define Exclusive12
Define Exclusive13
Define Exclusive14
Define Exclusive15

Define Exclusive

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