Thomas Deck and Michael Donohue met around a campfire a decade ago and after sharing some stories realized they also shared a love of beer. The two kept in touch ever since and after enough transatlantic recipe sharing became enough Donohue packed up his things, left his job running a brewery in the USA and moved to Paris to get serious about craft beer. The logo and identity tells their story, reflects their personalities and expresses the way they feel each beer tastes. Work includes branding, packaging, accessories, and a bilingual website. Some photos included were taken from the wonderful blog of Holybelly Cafe in Paris, who was an early fan of Deck & Donohue’s craft beers.
Designed by: David Rager, France.
Deck & Donohue
Deck & Donohue2
Deck & Donohue3
Deck & Donohue4
Deck & Donohue5
Deck & Donohue6
Deck & Donohue7
Deck & Donohue8
Deck & Donohue9
Deck & Donohue10
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Deck & Donohue

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