This package takes two different worlds and combines them, paint, and gardening. The idea of this package is to create a simple way for someone to grow a small decor plant for their office or home. The user selects the flower based on color and kind, which is clearly laid out on the label through text and imagery. The can contains soil, and seeds, of the flower you have selected. You can grow the plant directly in the can (just add water), so it is unnecessary to purchase additional pots. The care instructions are on the label, laid out with icons and text. When your plant has expired, you can clean out the can and reuse it or recycle it. The label is only on a portion of the can, and you can either peel it off or simply turn the can if you don’t wish to see the label in your decor.
Designed by: Rebecca May, Canada.
Cultivate Color
Cultivate Color2
Cultivate Color3
Cultivate Color4
Cultivate Color5
Cultivate Color6
Cultivate Color7
Cultivate Color8

Cultivate Color

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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