Designed by Projekt, Inc., Choiselle is a line of artisanal skin care products developed by Nydia Norville. Using only natural ingredients, she created three distinct skin care products – Body Butter, Body Lotion, and Bath & Body Oil, each come in three scents — Lavender, Lemongrass, and Ylang Ylang.
Nydia’s family hails from St. Lucia, where skincare products like this have been created by hand, for personal use, for quite some time. While the spirit of that culture is the basis for her entire company, she asked that the packaging whisper something about her Caribbean roots, not scream it. Which, aside from being genius direction, helped us create a delicate balance, reflecting both the high-end nature of her products and her heritage.

“We were the third, yes third, shop she worked with to bring her brand to life. She was frustrated with the process, having seen countless watered down designs that spoke more to the designers, and less to the heritage and spirit of her products that she was trying to convey. So we came in at a difficult part of the process. A challenge we’re quite used to, and were seriously up for.

So with that, we got to work. We began with the logo, which hints at Choiselle’s heritage using a nature-inspired “C”. Next we moved on to the bottle graphics which were silk-screened directly to the bottles themselves in one color, before a scent-specific label was printed and hand-applied. Only then did they go in the box. Which we also designed. Finally, the finishing touch was a hangtag that visually detailed the company’s origins, just like the logo.”

Designed by: Projekt, Inc., USA, Pennsylvania.
Designer & Art Director: Sean Costik
Photographer: Drew Thomas


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