Chocolate bars range for the Museum of the Moving Image based in NYC to be distributed as a gift/bonus to a purchase in the museum’s souvenir shop.

Each bar will represent one of 8 classical motion pictures and will be designed as a vintage cinema sign board (the one you can see on a facade of any cinema). Each movie/chocolate bar has its own flavor.

Package design, back:
Movie still, brief information about the movie OR a praiseful quote from some respectable magazine. The quote must be tricky, so it could be applied both to the movie and to the taste of chosen chocolate bar.

Chocolate bar design:
Same as the sign board, but with the Museum logo in the middle.

Designed by: Vadim Skorobogatyy, Russia/Switzerland.

Massimo Brugnera (3D Visualization)













Chocolate bars range for the Museum of the Moving Image

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