Charine is a cosmetic brand that was inspired by the concept of Splenda, an artificial sweetener. I had to choose an object from a given list and create a conceptual piece based on that object which was Splenda. Inspiration for the pattern came from the structure of a saccharine molecule. The name of the brand originated from the word ‘sacCHARINE’.
Object: Splenda (Saccharine; artificial sugar)
Patterns and details are derived from Saccharine molecules
• Functions of sugar: sugar makes food taste better
I was looking for anything that makes something different in a good way. While researching, I came up with relationships between sugar and makeup. Makeup also makes people look better (+makeup over) and even conceals our flaws.
Designed by: Sue Lee, USA.
Charine Cosmetic

Charine Cosmetic

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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