Designed by: Scott McFadden, USA.
Creative Director: Chris Sendra


In this post, you’ll see some of the other concepts that didn’t end up making the cut for the Castillo Rum project, but provided a excellent opportunity for me to challenge myself and experiment with 3D design.

Here, the design needle is turned up to 11 on the rebranding dial to show the client where the project could potentially go. Compared to the original design, there are several added elements that create a more unique look.

The 3D render itself was quite a challenge like the oversized bottle, the rope around the bottleneck, the rough paper texture on the label, the type on the bottle itself and of course the embossed cap. I kept with the same flavors as the original concept, but added in a new design and style to each one. It’s been a fun design exploration!


Castillo Rum - B Side1

Castillo Rum - B Side2

Castillo Rum - B Side3

Castillo Rum - B Side4

Castillo Rum - B Side5

Castillo Rum - B Side6

Castillo Rum - B Side7

Castillo Rum - B Side8

Castillo Rum - B Side9

Castillo Rum - B Side10

Castillo Rum - B Side11

Castillo Rum - B Side12



Castillo Rum – B Side

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