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Seven wines, seven different labels, from the new brand Casa Américo based in Dão region. M&A Creative Agency has designed these labels, highlighting the four-leaf clover which is present in all the windows of the winery from 18th century. Being Dão region one of the most who produce elegante wines in Portugal, the labels follows it with sober colors and unique detalis. Casa Américo wines are represented by the brand icon – the “lucky clover” – with a “die cutting” enhancing it and different colours for each grape variety. It contains embossing and serigraphy varnish in finishes.
Designed by: M&A Creative Agency, Portugal
Photography: M&A Creative Agency
Client: Casa Américo
Casa Américo
Casa Américo2
Casa Américo3
Casa Américo4
Casa Américo5
Casa Américo6
Casa Américo7
Casa Américo8
Casa Américo9
Casa Américo10

Casa Américo

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