Done in the fall of 2013, Captain Barnabee’s sprinkle butter is a line of peanut flavored and peanut free products for children with nut allergies. This line allows all kids to enjoy the delicious flavor of peanuts without the risk. For this project I developed the branding and designed two jar variants, a shelftalker, a cracker snack package, on the go packets and a chocolate snack package.
Designed by: Sam Proctor, NY, USA.
Captain Barnabee's
Captain Barnabee's 2
Captain Barnabee's 3
Captain Barnabee's 4
Captain Barnabee's 5
Captain Barnabee's 6
Captain Barnabee's 7
Captain Barnabee's 8

Captain Barnabee's Sprinkle Butter

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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