CAGAS is a brand of environmental-friendly colouring pencils completely made from recycled materials – twigs and branches, used newspapers and magazines, and recycled wood. There are two different sets of CAGAS colouring pencils: one made from twigs and branches, and another made from recycled newspapers and magazines. The product is aimed towards people of all ages who love to draw and colour. CAGAS’ aim is to promote the care of our planet, and to educate others in ways that they too can help our environment.

Designed by: Miranda Cagas, Canada.


CAGAS Pencils

CAGAS Pencils2

CAGAS Pencils3

CAGAS Pencils4

CAGAS Pencils5

CAGAS Pencils6

CAGAS Pencils7

CAGAS Pencils8

CAGAS Pencils9

CAGAS Pencils10



CAGAS Pencils

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