Cycling themed cafe based in Leeds city centre catering to all but specifically aimed at cyclists.
The cafe will serve food and drinks to eat in or take away and will also have an in-house workshop for bicycle maintenance and repairs.
The audience will be 19-25 year old young professionals & students with an interest in cycling, however themed cafes are known to attract all kinds of people who like trying and experiencing different things.
The cafe’s branding revolves around sustainable and eco-friendly graphic design with elements of logo, colour, type and image to represent the brand and the products it sells so passionately.
Business cards and Opening night invitations were screen printed on GF-Smith Colorplan Pristine White 540gsm Stock. 
Designed by: Pencilwound _, United Kingdom.
Café Vélo
Café Vélo6
Café Vélo7
Café Vélo8
Café Vélo9
Café Vélo10
Café Vélo11
Café Vélo12
Café Vélo13
Café Vélo14
Café Vélo15
Café Vélo16
Café Vélo17
Café Vélo18
Café Vélo19
Café Vélo20
Café Vélo21
Café Vélo22
Café Vélo23
Café Vélo24
Café Vélo25

Café Vélo

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