Designed by: Anagrama Studio, Mexico.

The Client

Café la Nacional is a Mexican coffee shop and roaster specialized in working with the best coffee grains in Mexico.
The Objective

We were tasked with rebranding Cafe La Nacional. It was imperative that it retained the traditional angle that’s crucial to the brand since it homages it’s Mexican roots.
The Solution

We reimagined an old Mexican coat of arms, adding coffee related motifs like the Coffea genus that surrounds the eagle and an ancient 1770 like roaster broiling coffee beneath it. A more contemporary feel is created when the logo is juxtaposed to the chosen typefaces. This levels the overall sense of the composition.
Also, to help differentiate each coffee’s regional origin, we included different colored metallic stickers to the packaging, adding a disruptive accent to the design.



Café la Nacional2

Café la Nacional3

Café la Nacional4

Café la Nacional5

Café la Nacional6

Café la Nacional7

Café la Nacional8

Café la Nacional9

Café la Nacional10

Café la Nacional11

Café la Nacional12

Café la Nacional13

Café la Nacional14

Café la Nacional15

Café la Nacional16

Café la Nacional17

Café la Nacional18




Café la Nacional

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