Designed by: Backbone Branding

Local honey manufacturer set the challenge of developing a name, logo and packaging for a quality natural honey. After the development of hexagon-shaped cupboard packages, we were given a new task: wrap the limited edition of honey jars as if they were a business gift.
The initial sketches made by our art director during the briefing session with the client served as packaging concept for the product. Designed in a notion of biomimicry, the wooden hive left no room for alternative concepts and made the way to the technical execution. What other containers can pretend to enclose honey better than the hive itself?
As to the brand name and the logo, they were developed to resemble the natural buzz and bee waggle dance.
We are very proud with this project for many reasons. It was not only the fact that it garnered an unprecedented number of respected awards in design and advertising industries but probably even more gratifying was great positive feedback from all over the world.



Bzzz Premium Honey

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  • January 23, 2019
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