A ski wax brand based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming that prides itself on its bold colors, enthusiastic team and its ability to make waxing your skis a enjoyable experience. A Brent’s Ski Wax customer is a 16—25 year-old girl who is an experienced skier and who skis with her friends after school and on the weekends. A Brent’s customer already has a tune bench at his or her house. They ski in groups and will also go to a friend’s to wax their skis together. This product is meant to be used in one sitting with a group or over the course of a few weeks. The customer already has a place to store his or her wax for when needed. There’s no fuss with the material with the packaging, all the personality lies within the copy, color, and typography.
Designed by: Lucy Prouty, USA.
Brent's Ski Wax
Brent's Ski Wax2
Brent's Ski Wax3
Brent's Ski Wax4
Brent's Ski Wax5
Brent's Ski Wax6
Brent's Ski Wax7

Brent's Ski Wax

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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