Farnham Ale & Lager turned once again to lg2boutique to develop packaging for its latest product, Farnham Scotch Ale.

Brewed in the Scottish style, this extra strong beer targets connoisseurs, with 8.4% alcohol content and a bitterness level of 37 IBU (International Bitterness Units).

The brewery’s existing products and the traditional Scottish tartan served as creative inspiration for a new beer that aims to make its mark with a distinctive taste and look.

Designed by: lg2boutique, Canada.


Brasserie Farnham

Brasserie Farnham2

Brasserie Farnham3

Brasserie Farnham4

Brasserie Farnham5

Brasserie Farnham6

Brasserie Farnham7

Brasserie Farnham8

Brasserie Farnham9

Brasserie Farnham10



Brasserie Farnham

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