Cégér 2016 – Bock Albus (concept)
Packaging design concept for Bock winery’s Bock Albus medium dry wine.
In Latin ‘ALBUS’ means white. The Mediterranean wine and spicy nature inspired this concept, the main motif of a rosemary branch, which is an Albus subspecies, which brings white flowers, thus round off the name of the ideology of wine
So whether it is the purchaser may arise that can be used in cooking with wine and spice plants. Perhaps on the back label could be a recipe for a dish that requires both raw materials such as  rosemary chicken whit white wine.
Designed by: Tamás Csility, Hungary.
Bock Albus Wine
Bock Albus Wine2
Bock Albus Wine3
Bock Albus Wine4
Bock Albus Wine5
Bock Albus Wine6

Bock Albus Wine

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