The Pizza Box that turns into a movie projector. Pizza Hut has always been a leading innovator in every aspect of their business – from the menu, ways to order, delivery method, interior design and packaging technology. So to launch their new double pizza meal deal, we created an innovative piece of packaging, the Blockbuster Box. The Blockbuster Box, was from the idea that pizza and movies bring people together – which is why we turned the humble pizza box into a movie projector and something you would normally throw out into something you wanted to keep. We designed a bespoke crafted lens, and pizza saver that doubles as the lens holder and a phone stand. We then collaborated with 4 local artists to create custom illustrations based on romance, action, sci-fi and horror movie genres.  These illustrations interacted with the lens, and were designed to have a tongue-in-cheek reference to pizza. The illustrations, along with a bold logo, set the foundation for a visual language which was developed into in-store displays. we also built an app, where you could stream a selection of films and documentaries. All you needed was a phone. With your phone you could download the app, scan the QR on the box, chose which film to watch, sit back with your mates, and enjoy a slice of the entertainment.

Designed by: Andy Reynolds, Hong Kong.


Blockbuster Box

Blockbuster Box2

Blockbuster Box3

Blockbuster Box4

Blockbuster Box5

Blockbuster Box6

Blockbuster Box7

Blockbuster Box8

Blockbuster Box9



Blockbuster Box

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