Agency: Hoot Design Studio
Illustration Artist: Jen Borror


At Hoot Design Studio, label designs start with a creative idea that is first sketched out on paper in pencil. Then, the artwork is illustrated in pen and ink using a series of pen techniques including stippling –  yes, all ink dots! Dotwork illustrating is a unique method of shading.
Once the illustration is completed by hand, the artwork is digitized and scanned into the computer. Next I explore color adding layers in Photoshop underneath the ink. In this label design, I added the bright red to the dripping blood. This romantic yet sultry design evokes passion with a custom wine label. Taste the delicious red  wine inside and be drawn in by the lure of the wine packaging itself.
Label illustrated and designed by Jen Borror of Hoot Design Studio. Follow along on Instagram.

Bleeding Rose

Featured on Package Inspiration

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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