Designed by: Revel Advertising, USA.
Chris Jarratt – Creative Director
Amanda Day – Art Director
Cameron Duneman – Designer


The new packaging, which will hit retail stores this fall, showcases a brighter color palette than their traditional black packaging and features information that promotes the distinctive attributes of Black Walnuts. “There are several factors that differentiate Black Walnuts from English Walnuts and other nuts, and we wanted to showcase all of those unique features with a new, creative retail package design that will stand out on the shelves,” says Jacob Basecke, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Hammons Products. “Black Walnuts are well positioned in today’s consumer trends. They are grown and sourced from the wild, have more protein than all other tree nuts, and are acclaimed by some of the world’s top chefs for their distinctive, complex flavors. It’s the perfect time to introduce Black Walnuts in a new, fresh way.”

The new packaging is white with “Black Walnuts” written in bold black. The packaging features half of a Black Walnut in its natural, green hull as it looks while it’s growing on the tree before it’s harvested. A window into the packaging makes up the other half of the Black Walnut, not only giving consumers a peek inside the packaging, but also at the Black Walnut, so they can see what the product looks like. Surrounding the image are characteristic call outs in a hand-written font that mirrors what one could imagine is a chef’s notebook, describing the attributes that make the Black Walnut stand out among other nut products (as discussed above). The back of the packaging tells the story behind Black Walnuts and introduces the consumer to the People of the Harvest. These are actual harvesters who pick up this wild crop each year. By reading the story of the harvest and the experience of the harvesters involved, the consumer is drawn a little closer to the source and is provided with the connection they’re looking for.










Black Walnut Package Design

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