“Remember when we_______out of control and ______ended up with two_______. Lights off, but the_____weekend.” Anti & Grandpeople, together with Arcus found out a way for you to remember everything when you mixed your weekend with, well, Vodka. Anti & Grandpeople created the concept, idea, graphic design, and product design. The vodka is available at Vinmonopolet (Norwegian governmental liquor stores) and hand picked clubs and bars all over Norway. How would you fill out the blanks?
“We were fortunate enough to be allowed into the production facilities at Arcus during the bottling procedure. Amazing to see the machines and how they all work seamlessly together, and a thrill to witness what started out as an idea in a notebook several months ago, finally come to life.”
Designed by Anti & Grandpeople, Norway
Sales and Distribution by Arcus
Senior Graphic Designer: Fredrik Melby
Project Manager: Helene Follesøy
Account Executive: Kenneth Pedersen
Creative Directors: Kjetil Wold, Erik Heisholt
Casefilm: Torstein Søreide Skogedal
Client contact Arcus AS: Preben Orwen, Category manager vodka
Black Vodka
Black Vodka 2
Black Vodka 3
Black Vodka 4
Black Vodka 5
Black Vodka 6
Black Vodka 9
Black Vodka 10

Black Vodka

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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