Agency: Tan Hui Wen
Lecturer: Ong Ping Chung

Rebranding a local Malaysia chocolate product for tourists or visitors to bring back a meaningful gift and share their experience in Malaysia with others. The idea of the packaging is to pour out the chocolate like a candy box because dragees chocolate is rounded in shape. It will be convenient for the user to use it and put it in the bag when traveling.

The packaging will give the state’s information about its population, area, average highest and lowest temperature, precipitation, moderate elevation, percentage of ethnic and the spoken language. The locking system of the packaging has the visual of different flower patterns. It is a traditional pattern that can be found on the textile in Malaysia. Malaysia is a unique country with all kinds of people and cultures. Various colors represent the integration of different cultures, forming a harmonious and balanced country.

The packaging will have three sizes according to the state’s area. The gift pack can hold three different sizes of the packaging together. The tourists or visitors can choose the flavor or the place they visit and match themselves.  Besides, all the packaging structure is environmentally friendly which does not use any glue.


Beryl’s Chocolate Gift Packaging

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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