Ben for Ben & Jerry’s was a project with POTMstudios Singapore for brand giant Unilever. Ben presents itself as a memento off-the-shelf packaging and merchandise for ice cream lovers. Ben is both a cap, and a cup sleeve that makes eating off-the-shelf ice cream a more comfortable experience without having to go through frostbitten fingers. Ben takes packaging a long way with its reusability as a kitchenware cup in candy colors, fun for kids and parents alike. Ben is also the star of Ben & Jerry’s FREE SCOOP DAY, an event that is going to be held once every year as a green movement in the bid to inculcate the habit of the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. So having more Ben-s is a bonus. Ben also entitles the user with rewards or discounts at Ben & Jerry’s dine-in outlers. With this, Ben & Jerry’s hopes to reduce the amount of paper cups used to serve its ice cream.
Created by: Nurul Ngaliman, Singapore.
Ben & Jerry’s
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Ben, for Ben & jerry's – A Green Initiative

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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