Bébé Peáu, a new baby care product brand has used Teddy bear license from Korea. The core value behind bébé péau is “accompany”. Therefore, we create a smiley face as well as a hand holding hand mark as the brand logo. 

We also develop a set of typography as scenery illustrations for on the package, as well as match up each product feature.
Designed by: box brand design ., Hong Kong.
bebe peau
bebe peau2
bebe peau3
bebe peau4
bebe peau5
bebe peau6
bebe peau7
bebe peau8
bebe peau9
bebe peau10
bebe peau11
bebe peau12
bebe peau13
bebe peau14
bebe peau15
bebe peau16
bebe peau17
bebe peau18
bebe peau19

Bebe Peau

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