Mousegraphics recently designed the new look for skincare line: Beatific.

“We are one of the biggest players in the field of medical care. We have a thoroughly developed Cosmetic Dermatology Department in one of our clinics and high expertise in cosmetic treatment with medical precision and exclusive care. We want to launch a new skincare line. We need a name, a logotype, packaging and the visual identity, which will reflect our special positioning and high standards.”

Their main target are women who are aware of the benefits of cosmeceuticals and can appreciate the results of thorough clinical research and high end care. Products address middle to upper class consumers in both, the Greek and foreign markets.
“Our client was very well educated in every aspect of the market positioning and developing of the product. We had to conduct an exhaustive study of the field of cosmeceuticals in Greece and abroad, and research the specific codes relating to this particular line of products. The reputation and profile of our client called for a brand story, a design and an identity which would be able to communicate the scientific and the aesthetic in equal measures and through the most refined language.
We worked thoroughly around the name development while experimenting with packaging materials and design moods. The name we proposed came out of research in art history and linguistics: ‘Beatific’ is an existing term, linked, through history to a notion of the ‘blessed’, an inner communion with the divine, and the sharing of its spiritual light, its splendor and glory. Thomas Aquinas refers to it as the attainment of completion and harmony and Plato in the ‘Allegory of the cave,’ speaks of this light as the source of reason and truth. The rebellious Pre-Raphaelite painters (mid 19th c., Holman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais made modern women as icons of this beatific vision. Bathed in a glow coming from internal sources and their complete beauty these women were painted so as to lead the viewer to contemplate moral issues of justice, piety, family and purity.
We used Beatific in our design as the meeting point of Beauty and Scientific, and we designed everything on this axis: the abstracted drawing light patterns on the packaging, the use of semi transparent, translucent material, the 4 color palette of iridescent hues, the elegant and serious typography. We are working on this visual language by designing stands, publications and everything else related to the communication of the product’s attributes. We believe that this is a work that attempts, through design to forge a relationship between the miraculous and the scientific: reality has often proven that they are not so far apart.”
Designed by mousegraphics, Athens, Greece
Beatific 2
Beatific 3
Beatific 4
Beatific 5
Beatific 6
Beatific 7
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