Emergency beards; made by hand out of the finest sustainable materials. There are three beards (with a limited edition fourth for Christmas); each with a character and style all its own.
Assembled from a thin piece of single-side-printed card; the packaging can be quickly formed without any glue or other fixitives. Strong yet light the packaging highlights the different “characters” of the beards.
Designed by: Timothy Ames, United Kingdom.
Beard Collars
Beard Collars
Beard Collars11
Beard Collars10
Beard Collars9
Beard Collars8
Beard Collars7
Beard Collars6
Beard Collars5
Beard Collars4
Beard Collars3
Beard Collars2
Beard Collars13
Beard Collars
Beard Collars21
Beard Collars20
Beard Collars19
Beard Collars18
Beard Collars17
Beard Collars16
Beard Collars15
Beard Collars14
Beard Collars25
Beard Collars

Beard Collars

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