For this project we designed a 4-pack of a multi-flavor bottled drink complete with drink carrier. Each bottle was designed to function as a part of a whole. In other words, each bottle in our package had to be unique and different from eachother. We were required to have a theme to base our design around. In fact, we had to think about the project as a story. We were assigned a topic by which we were required to use the different parts of the package to tell a “story” about that topic. The package design needed to include an interactive element in order to henance the story being told. Also each bottle had to be a different flavor. This was to help us understand how to use multiple different elements to support a topic. Each part of the package was designed and built by me.
Designed by: Chris Bawden, USA.
Bottle Packaging
Bottle Packaging2
Bottle Packaging4
Bottle Packaging3

Bawdens Botanical Brews

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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