Designed by: Nicole LaFave, USA.
Photography by: Teri Lyn Fisher
Brand Voice and Copywriting by: Zach Golden

Life’s complicated, and Basic Bits believes that snacks shouldn’t be. The Miami Beach, Florida startup is bringing it back to basics by combining whole, high quality ingredients into craveable snacks that are so good, you’ll forget they’re healthy.
Design Womb partnered with Basic Bits to launch this brand from the ground up. We delivered naming, brand voice, messaging and a full visual identity, including packaging design, and a Shopify e-commerce website targeted to launch February 2018. We also art directed, produced, and executed a highly stylized colorful photoshoot to further emphasize the visual concept. The identity is graphic and clear, remaining true to the brand’s mission and its no fuss attitude tells you exactly what you are getting on the front of each bag.

The choice to initially launch with a primary color palette further enhances the idea of this basic approach to ingredients in the snack space. A secondary color palette was introduced later for the brand’s functional probiotic snack ball extension line. The use of bold color and simple key messaging communicates and grabs the attention of a shopper quickly. This results in strong visual brand blocking on a retail shelf or online.

Basic Bits can be found in local grocery stores and coffee shops. The balls also target the fitness world, finding homes in yoga, barre, and fitness outfits across the country.


Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls1 copy

Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls2

Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls3

Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls4


Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls5


Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls6 copy


Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls7


Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls8


Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls9


Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls10


Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls11 Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls12

Basic Bits Raw Snack Balls

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