BASELINE is a skincare products that gives a clear idea of what should we really pursue. Many people feel dissatisfaction with their skin color. Instead of pursing the idealistic skin color, however, BASELINE focus on achieving a healthy skin.

Nourish the skin you have

Target audience:
Both gender between 18-35 who are engaged in current events and believe in equal rights. A survey revealed that 97% are either somewhat or very informed of current events and 27% agree that equal rights is the most important issue to them.

The visual of the packaging is inspired by skin texture, explaining the quality of a healthy skin. Each of the product bottles are inspired by skin cell which comes in irregular shape. The color of both the packaging and bottles in skin color to associate whats underneath is still the same as BASELINE is not helping the user to achieve a fairer skin.

Designed by: Jiun Pheng Chia, Malaysia.








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