Agency: Estudio Argo


This project honors the terroir, a fundamental element that gives unique characteristics to each wine. From this, the central concept that places the earth as a link between the history and culture of the old and new world was developed. ⁣

This proposes a journey through time and space for which old and new elements are mixed, old paintings with neon, modern details in architecture with natural elements such as roots, logs, natural wood, earth.

The work involved, after the development of the general concept, the creation of the brand, the decoration of the place with murals and pictures, the food and drink menus, the personal cards and the aesthetics for social networks. ⁣

He designed the brand and then the integral concept of the bar, which seeks to recreate the feeling of being underground, where the magic of the vine happens. The territory is the star of this project and with it the history and wine culture that unites the old with the new world.

From project Bar de Vinos a line of own wines emerges that continues with the aesthetic and conceptual identity of the general branding of the brand.

A character was created for each wine using the collage technique, by Martina Bruccoleri, to tell the story of each with uniqueness, mischief and artistic style.


Bar de Vinos

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