The brief was to create a limited edition packaging design based on the attributes of a specific shoe. We were inspired by the theme of dance and decided to craft an elegant packaging for ballet shoes.
These beautifully crafted shoes are special and meaningful to the dancer. They become a way of life, and are a comfort in the dance form. Ballet is known to be a highly intense form of exercise, and has demands unlike any other. We realised the importance of this understanding, and we based our design on the harder, more emotional side to the dance form. The fact that puberty is hard for a dancer. It is a trying time filled with heartache and also embarrassment.
The design is a soft combination of black and pink colours – highlighting the elegance, but the deep hurt too. Items such as tampons and nipple covers are included as a means of support and encouragement, and there is appropriate copy throughout the various layers of the packaging to emphasize the understanding and care. These layers symbolize the stages of development, as well as puberty in dance, and our comparisons hope to serve as light and comfort in the lives of dancers and dance lovers across the industry.
The first layer consists of a sealed PVC bag with vinyl lettering. This is removed and the next layer is revealed, a frosted perspex sleeve, with more vinyl lettering.The frosted sleeve is then removed to reveal the final pink coloured sleeve.
Finally, the final sleeve is removed to reveal the shoe itself, with accessories.
The reason for all the layers, is to show the many years of dedication that these dancers go through, to reveal the intesity of the black on the inside.
The accesories provided are products to help girls through puberty, like tampons, pantyliners and nipple covers, each individually packaged with the line “My body. Growing to perfection.” carried through from the box.
Designed by: Kayleigh Garrett, South Africa.
Ballet Shoes
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Ballet Shoes Packaging

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