Autumn gift packages design 2013 for Aunt Stella’s, Aunt Stella’s founded in 1982 in Japan, focus and professionally produce cookies and cakes various sweets by hand, from them vision always have something can represent handmade from them gift packages such as embroidery, piece fabric, textile, tie ribbon for each of packages, use those method, try to give with people friendly warm heart touch communicate, so we created a heart shape, to be main figure for this year autumn gift 2013, we requested professional use this picture as embroidery, become this autumn gift main figure pictures, in additional, I used one main figure to created three different kind shape of pattern, apply on the package sleeves, it shows chinese moon festival culture, combine with western style.
Designed by: Rolen Lo, China.
Aunt Stella's
Aunt Stella's2 Aunt Stella's3 Aunt Stella's4 Aunt Stella's5 Aunt Stella's6 Aunt Stella's7 Aunt Stella's8 Aunt Stella's9 Aunt Stella's10 Aunt Stella's11 Aunt Stella's12 Aunt Stella's13 Aunt Stella's14 Aunt Stella's15 Aunt Stella's16 Aunt Stella's17

Aunt Stella's Autumn Gift Packages 2013-2014

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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