ESTUDIO VERSUS recently embarked in creating the packaging design for Ambar 10.

“Packaging of a new beer brewed exclusively for La Zaragozana by Estudio Versus and aims to surprise and demonstrate the possibilities of beer.
The research team of Cervezas Ambar with Master Brewer at their head, were “cooked” a beer in which a high ranking with the different contributions of hops originating from nine countries that have been used are harmonized.
Under the name of Amber 10, this proposal has been prepared using 10 varieties of hops and an alcohol content of 10 degrees. It comes in 50cl bottles. mechanically and silkscreened cap.”

Designed by ESTUDIO VERSUS, Spain.
Ambar 101 Ambar 102 Ambar 103
Ambar 104
Ambar 10

Ambar 10

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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