9 Suns, owned by a family with Chinese heritage, features beautiful simplified black and white luxury wine from Napa Valley.  The label represents a story of a preeminent winery dressed in mythical flair. It’s beyond stunning and alluring to the eye – let us know your thoughts below.

“Nine Suns references an ancient Chinese legend where ten suns took turns rising in the sky. When they grew tired of the routine and decided to raise all at once, lakes dried and crops perished. The God of Archery was summoned to save the land. He aimed. Nine suns fell, leaving the one needed to keep heaven and earth in perfect balance. The story and archery references the art and science of wine making. The calligraphy, God of Archery and the three legged sunbirds dress the brand in mythical flair.”

9 Suns recently took Gold at Cannes Design Lions in Consumer Products for Landor Associates.
Designed by Landor Associates, San Francisco, CA, USA
Executive Creative Director: Nicolas Aparicio
Senior Designer: Anastaisa Laksmi
Photography Director: Michael Friel
9 Suns
9 Suns2
9 Suns3
9 Suns4
9 Suns5
9 Suns6
9 Suns7

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