3 korovy 2 kota (The three cows & the two cats)
The challenge:
To create package design for a new line of milk cocktails under 3 Korovy 2 Kota brand.
The idea/Solution:
The cocktail line includes 4 of the kid’s favourite flavours: banana, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.
Due to limited package space we decided to create a separate hero for every flavor and two heros for chocolate flavor (two cats) – he appears on the face of the package. Other characters ‘hide’ on different surfaces. The package becomes a funny and entertaining kid’s game, that includes a barcode cat, a talking cow and gives all the necessary information in a form of memorable pictographs.
Designed by Brandiziac agency, Russia.
Creative director: Artem Shutov
Designer and illustrator: Olga Mosina
Copywriter: Alexander Kuznetsov
Account Manager: Maria Potapova
3 Cows 2 Cats
3 Cows 2 Cats2
3 Cows 2 Cats3
3 Cows 2 Cats4
3 Cows 2 Cats5

3 Cows 2 Cats

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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